Katrina Hanson Marketing: Digital Marketing Specialists

Reach your ideal clients and keep them coming back with individualized marketing plans, strategic websites, and personal voice social media marketing for maximum impact.

Our Services

  • Get your results-oriented, search engine optimized website, complete with graphic design and copywriting.
  • We’ll create brand loyalty and reliability through content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and an individualized marketing plan for your audience.
  • We’ll monitor social metrics and community engagement to improve results and increase impact.

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Learn How to DIY

Prefer to learn how to do it yourself? There’s no need to keep paying a marketing specialist or website developer to update your content. You can save a significant amount of money by learning the basics yourself. We can help you with that.

Set Me Up (Best Value)


Brand new custom website complete with photos and up to three pages of content.
Up to three social media accounts with cohesive profiles.
One starter post per social media account.

Manage My Content


Managing up to three social media accounts according to your target audience and business goals.
Posting content on up to three social media platforms once per day.

DIY Website Course


A basic website set up for you, with one on one lessons on how to continue creating and editing your own content.

More services:

Katrina Hanson Marketing

Founded in 2017 by Katrina Hanson LAc, an acupuncturist and business owner who built her own practice from the ground up through targeted personal-voice-marketing.



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